Renovated RVs

How can I buy one of your RV’s?

  • We put our RV’s up for sale when they are about 2-3 weeks out from completion. At this point the design is completed as is a majority of the work.

Do your RV’s come decorated?

  • The price of the RV includes the furnishings, but not the decor. All decor can be purchased on a separate invoice.

Do you sell them to people out of state?

  • Most of our customers are from out of state. Purchasing is simple, we take $1,000 non-refundable deposit at the signing of the contract and allow 3 business days for customers to wire us the funds. We don’t offer financing and are unable to hold the RV if you don’t already have financing arranged.

Where can I find what you currently have available?

  • You can click here to see what we currently have in our inventory.