Ready To Renovate Your RV?

Get the RV Design & Buying Guide Now So You Can Renovate your RV using Great Products Without Spending All of Your Time Sourcing Them 

If you love the thought of renovating your RV, but you have no idea what products to use or where to find them–this guide is for you!

After spending hundreds of hours on each of our RV renovations – planning, designing and sourcing things – I created this guide as a quick, easy resource to assist you in making your RV look and feel more like a luxury home.  

Streamline the renovation process and take away the planning & stress so you can get your renovation done quickly while staying within your budget, no matter how big or small.

Who’s This For? 

Any RV enthusiast, whether you’re a full-time family or a weekend warrior, interior designer, or an interior designer wanna-be.  RV interiors can be challenging, I love sharing products that have worked very well in our RV’s including our own. I have figured things out the hard way…I want to save you the heartache, struggle, cussing, etc. lol

What’s Inside?

  • Shopping list with clickable links to furniture, decor, flooring, tile, grout, stain, bedding, pillows, etc. 
  • Best paint colors for a light, bright environment
  • The best paint & primer for RV’s
  • Photos of every item in the RV, so you don’t have to think about placement or staging…I’ve done all the work for you!

About The Creator

I’m Trina Sholin, owner & creator of RV Fixer Upper.  My passion is transforming RV’s into beautiful tiny homes.  I love showing people how to renovate their RV’s into a space they can be proud of, the RV Layout & Design Guide is going to make the process even easier for you to achieve this!


RV Design & Buying Guide

Toyhauler PDF


RV Design & Buying Guide

First Responder Renovation PDF


Ten Steps to Maximize your

Profits in your RV Renovating Business



Should I buy this instead of booking a consultation?

No, this guide is a resource from a specific renovation we have done. We will continue to do guides for each renovation we do and they will be listed by the name I give to the RV & by their year, make & model.

Is this a step-by-step renovation guide?

No, this was made to share everything we used in the renovation, with links, so you can easily shop for your own RV renovation.

Can I use these ideas for decorating my house?

Yes! Everything I use in my renovations is transferable to decorating a sticks and bricks house.

Can I gift it to someone?

Yes, you can purchase it for them and have it delivered straight into their inbox.

What happens if the link is sold out?

Unfortunately, that is something that happens from time to time. I recommend signing up for alerts so the company can notify when it’s re-stocked.

Are you going to be doing more of these?

Yes, I will be creating a Design Guide for each of the RV’s we renovate. Subscribe below to be among the first to know.

How is this guide delivered?

It is a PDF Download that will be delivered straight to your inbox.

What if I have a limited budget?

Perfect! You’re exactly who this guide was designed for. The whole reason I created it is so you can save more money by getting it right the first time, so you don’t make mistakes by buying the wrong things.

How long will I have access to this?

You will be able to download it and have access to it on your computer/mobile device forever.

Do you offer any refunds?

This guide is 100% digital and you’re granted instant access to the full file the moment you open it, so really there’s no way to ‘return’ this product to us. As such, we are unable to provide refunds for any reason.

Will you be selling any How-To Guides in the future?

Most of the How-To’s will be done on our YouTube channel, but we do have great bonus material planned for future Design Guides that won’t be available on our YouTube channel or Instagram.

How skilled in renovating do you need to be to use this?

If you are completely new, let us help you avoid common pitfalls by booking your consultation HERE. This is a guide to help you gain knowledge of the products we use in our renovations…it will be useful to the beginner as well as a skilled renovator.