What is your favorite brand of RV?

  • Keystone Montana!  We have a top five for sure, but Keystone Montanas still remain our favorite.

What is your favorite brand of truck to pull RV’s?

  • We have a 2011 GMC 2500HD Duramax Denali. Steve has owned GMC’s for over 30 years and this truck is hands down his favorite.

What kind of hitch do you use/recommend?

  • We have the Andersen 5th Wheel Hitch. We LOVE it! We recommend it to everyone and I think we have converted everyone to this hitch. We had the B&W Patriot 18K Fifth Wheel Hitch, which worked great but the Con’s are it’s extremely heavy and you need help to remove it from your truck bed and while it’s in your truck bed you have very little room for anything else. We haul things daily in our truck so this wasn’t a good fit for us.

Can I hire you to renovate my RV?

  • Sorry, we only renovate RV’s we purchase

Can I hire you to help me with the process of renovating/designing my own RV?

  • Yes! We now offer consulting for people wanting to do the work themselves but need help navigating the process. Click here for more information.

Do you live full-time in your RV?

  • No, we started our journey 8 years ago full-timing in our RV for Steve’s job.  But, now we just use our RV for camping. Click here to see our RV.

Why do you prefer Fifth Wheels over TT’s?

  • The high ceilings are EVERYTHING!  We also love the maneuverability that Fifth Wheels offer you.

Can I hire you to find a particular RV for me?

  • Sorry, we don’t offer that service.

What is your favorite flooring to use in your renovations?

  • It’s Lakeshore Pecan floating laminate from Home Depot, it’s linked in my highlights on my IG.

Did you go to school for Interior Design?

  • No, I am completely self-taught.  I have been buying the worst house in the best neighborhood long before it was a catch-phrase, I did it because that’s all I could afford! I’ve bought, renovated and sold over 15 homes and renovated 16 (and counting) RV’s.