We transform RV’s into beautiful tiny homes
We transform RV’s into beautiful tiny homes

About Us

Hi there! My name is Trina Sholin, Designer/Owner of RV Fixer Upper. My husband Steve and I renovate RV’s into beautiful tiny homes. Steve takes care of all of the maintenance and operations of the RV’s, using his decade long experience with RV’s, and I handle all design and social media as well as being hands on during renovation. Basically, we both wear 17 hats as do so many small business owners! We started this journey 8 years ago when we were seasonal Full Timers in Alaska for Steve’s job. I couldn’t handle how drab, dark and unappealing the interiors were no matter the year or the brand. This got my wheels spinning as to how I could make the interior more aesthetically pleasing while maintaining function.  We spent three years living in that RV and I couldn’t believe the difference it made and how much more it felt like a home after I completed the renovation.

Fast forward two years.  We started living full time in Arizona and wanted to get back into camping, so we bought a fifth wheel.  A 2004 Keystone Montana, this is where our love affair began for Keystone Montanas. It was so ugly, but the layout was perfect and it was in great condition, I could easily see the potential. We began the renovation by ripping out everything “RV” and replacing it with things we’d put in our home.  We put in a chandelier, real tile, and many other beautiful features and completely changed the look and feel of the trailer.  People couldn’t believe the transformation!  We thought we might be on to something, so we put the renovated trailer up for sale.  It sold immediately and the rest is history! We buy, renovate and sell RV’s as well as offer consulting for clients that need help and guidance in renovating their own RV. Read more about our consulting service here.

My background is in Interior Design, Real Estate, and remodeling/flipping homes. Steve has a 25 year background  in road construction/heavy equipment operations (which is why he’s so awesome at towing these big RV’s) and home building/remodeling.  We blended that together with our passion and knowledge we have for RV’s, and that is how RV Fixer Upper was created. My passion is creating beautiful spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also FEEL like a home and are fully functional.  My motto is you can make RV’s pretty AND practical, and I love showing people how to achieve this.

We were both born and raised in Alaska and have lived in Phoenix for the last 8 years.  We enjoyed living in Alaska hunting, fishing, snowmaching (you probably call it snowmobiling) and enjoying one of the most beautiful places on earth for over 40 years. We are thrilled to now be living in the Valley of the Sun where we don’t have to shovel snow or scrape windows!